The magstripe is comprised of tiny iron-based magnetic particles located within in a plastic-like film

Magnetic strip cards can be used for membership, access, loyalty, open- and closed-loop gift applications, and to support EMV cards. A magnetic stripe card is any card that includes data embedded in the magnetic strip on the card. The front of the card contains identifying information, such as the cardholder's name and the issuing company's name, while the magnetic stripe resides on the back.

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Whether it's an ID card, gift card, badge or membership card you're looking for, we can add the functions and features you need. Blank White Magnetic Stripe Cards are standard credit-card-size in 30 mil thickness. Each card has a 3-Track high coercivity magnetic stripe for encoding.


Custom loyalty cards allow you to reward your return customers and turn first-time customers into regulars.

A loyalty card program is an incentive plan that lets retail business to gather customer data. Some of the rewards offered to customers include coupons, product discounts, and points that can be applied to merchandise.

Increasing customer loyalty with rewards programs is always more cost-effective than attracting new customers.

Loyalty programs help foster a sense of goodwill and personalization between the customer and the business because they are being rewarded for their continued business. When customers spend more money, they achieve better rewards. Loyalty is the quality of being faithful to something or someone.

If you're considering ways to build brand loyalty among your customers, you're probably asking yourself, whether customer loyalty programs work?' Well, as experts with years of experience, the answer is yes. There’s no denying that customer loyalty programs are an effective tool for customer retention and bringing in new customers. Retail loyalty cards

Loyalty cards allow your returning customers discounts on items that they buy from your store. A loyalty card is issued by a store to a customer and used to record points awarded for money spent in the store when shopping.

Increase revenue: Increasing customer retention helps increase profits because loyalty customers have trust in your brand and are likely to spend more.

According to the research referenced above, increasing retention by just 5% through customer loyalty programs can boost revenue by 25% to 95%. On average, it cost between $50 to $75 for each location if you use credit card terminals for processing.

Most vendors will provide a supply rack with a first order and may provide additional marketing materials.

Cards per unit will often be much cheaper when purchased in larger quantities.

Loyalty card programs are one of the best ways of generating additional business, and which encourages repeat business by your customers. Customer Retention – While a loyalty card program is a great way to attract new customers, it also encourages trust between you and your customers, which will make them more likely to come back.

Customer loyalty cards perform several vital functions for your business: you can attract new customers, reward them, analyze spending and buyer behaviors, and promote your business at the same time.


Custom loyalty cards provide an easy way for you to reward all your customers, and they can also assist you with converting first-time buyers into regular customers. If you like, you can print your business card on the backside and have twice the impact.

See for yourself how printed loyalty cards can attract repeat business and reward customer loyalty.

PLASTIC KEY TAGS Plastic key tags give your customers the unique opportunity to have your card with them all the time so they have easy access to use it and are less likely to lose it.

Your customers can take plastic key tags with them wherever they go.

The uses for a key tag and limited only by your imagination and can be used with loyalty cards, membership cards, promotional products for a trade show or event, pricing or labeling merchandise, or even to track attendance at meetings. If you own a fitness center, spa or salon, retail shop, yoga studio, church, gas station, grocery store, restaurant, or any type of membership-driven business, key tag cards are a must-have! Our plastic key tags are encoded to work with your POS service provider.

You can use your plastic key tag with a barcode or QR code to track your members or to provide exclusive entry into your gym, fitness center, studio, or private club.

When attendance at events, meetings, conventions, and other corporate events need to be tracked, you can use key tags in conjunction with an iPad, computer, or mobile device.

Loyal customers will appreciate the option of having a small key tag that they can easily keep on a key ring or slip unobtrusively into any sort of pocket. Promotional Photographer Tags

Dazzle clients with a custom shaped key tag.

When he hands out his promotional key tags, his customers show off his brand wherever they go. Enhance your brand’s visibility! Gym Membership Key Tags

Gyms are increasingly using key tags to allow members to access the facilities. Adding a barcode gives you the ability to track members and showcase your gym.

Writable Automotive Key Tags

You have the option of incorporating a writable surface on the back of your key tag, which would include the vehicle’s name, make and model, and its color as well.

Yoga Membership Card & Key Tag Use the key tags to track who attends your yoga classes and when.

Plastic Cards with a Key Tag

A Customized Plastic Card that has a Key Tag attached, can be printed with both numbers and with barcodes added to the card.

The key tag can easily be separated from the credit card sized plastic card to put on your key chain. A key tag can be a budget-friendly promotional item or a highly-visible loyalty card.

All of our plastic key tags come with ma variety of features. Plastic cards and key tags can be printed in full color on either (or both) sides of your key tags. Plastic cards with a key tag attached are often used at places like gyms, grocery stores, and lots of other retail establishments.

You will be able to make a terrific first impression.

Give your key tags the wow factor!

Your customer can easily take their plastic key tags with them wherever they go. The business purposes for a card plus a key tag and are limited only by your imagination; including loyalty and membership cards, promotional products for a trade show or event, labeling or pricing merchandise, keeping track of attendance at meetings, and many more. PLASTIC EVENT BADGES / PLASTIC CONFERENCE BADGES

Increase your brand awareness at the same time as you create an event pass or custom conference badge that gives your customers VIP access to your event.

Laminated event badges or satin sticker badges are commonly used during events to help differentiate between their vendors, staff, VIP guests, and much more.

  • These kinds of plastic laminated badges are perfect for big conferences and multi-day events.
  • The credit card thickness also makes it perfect for business or ID cards.
  • Since they're so versatile, these cards can be used for name tags, event badges, and ID badges for whatever events you might plan.

Baggage claim carousels can prompt anxiety for many people.

Ever have a hard time spotting your bag in a sea of other similar suitcases in fear you’ll leave with someone else’s suitcase by mistake? Simple solution? Add a plastic luggage tag.